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18Kg in Just 40 Days

It's funny how you never realise you're putting on weight until boom it's there and too late. I mean I knew I had put on some kgs, unconsciously started wearing baggy clothes all the time but honestly couldn't see or didn't realise just how much until I finally decided to weigh myself.

 I had always fluctuated between 70 and 75 but wanted to stay at 70. Anyway, the day finally comes and weighed myself and to my disgust!

I had somehow let myself get to 86 kgs!! I had to do something about it but didn't know what.

My friend told me about HC-Slim drops and how her husband had done it and dropped 20 kilos in 40 days and kept it off, as you could imagine I was very sceptical but she showed me photos. They were taken straight from her phone, and I had met her husband in person, so I knew it had to be real. I ordered my kit and it literally came that next morning I was shocked but took it as a sign that I had to do it ! My goal was to lose 16 kilos and get back to 70. I was strict and disciplined throughout.

I weighed myself every day and couldn't believe my eyes how fast I was dropping the weight! By the end of my 40 days, I had lost 2 more kilos than my goal amount and lost a whole 18 kilos!

From 86kgs to 68kgs!

Thank you so much HC-Slim I'm finally feeling beautiful in my own skin again.

Cynamon Proud
Another Successfull HC-Slim Client

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